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Things of beauty 

As people who fish, we spend a long time waiting for that magical moment when a fish decides to take our delicious hook bait.

So we have plenty of time to look around and admire the beautiful surroundings we find ourselves in. 

So why not add to this with a lovingly hand crafted rod made from the finest quality carbon blank. 


Only the Best

Harrison, Fuji, Alps, Evoke, Kigan 

For not much more than you would pay for an off the shelf rod you could have a bespoke rod built using the best quality components. 

Fuji Guides

Fuji make a vast range of guides to suit all tastes and budgets

Finest Cork

We source the finest quality cork and import it from Portugal to use on our rods

Fishing at night 

Why not have one of our Tritium Isotopes available in various colours 

Harrison Rod Blanks 

Harrison Advanced Rods have been producing the finest quality rod blanks for The Carp and Specialist angler and they are made here in the UK.

It’s more than fish

Fishing is more than catching fish, its about being outdoors and taking in what’s around you.

It’s who you are

Once fishing is in your life, it’s there for good and your next adventure is just around the corner.


It’s your rod, so your choice, spec the rod to what you want 


What People are Saying

“Simply amazing ”

After being so impressed with the rod I had built. I am pleased to say that BFW now use SC Custom Rods to build all our rods and stock them in our store.

Andy @ Barbel Fishing World

“So impressed”

This is the first time I have had a rod custom made and I’m so glad I did and that I chose SC Custom Rods. The comunication from my initial enquiry was fantastic and I’m now the proud owner of a Harrion Torrix rod.

Dan, Wiltshire

“Beutiful craftsmanship”

“What a pair” I ordered a pair of i-power rods on matt blanks, I was blown away when they arrived the workmanship was beyond what I was expecting and could’nt be happier.

Paul, North Yorkshire

“A work of art”

When it first arrived I was not sure if I should be using it for fishing or hanging it on the wall, I went with the fishing option.

Rob, York 

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